Garrett Ace 350

Garrett Ace 350 – Great Detector at a Great Price

Garrett Ace 350 has a couple of exciting new features compared to the previous Garrett Ace 250. The most obvious is the 11-inch DD Pro-formance coil that comes standard with this new detector. The larger coil increases depth detection and the DD configuration increases lateral detection meaning the coil sweeps a larger area with each pass. The Garrett Ace 350 operates at a higher frequency (8.25 kHz as compared to 6.5 kHz of the 250) meaning it is better able to detect smaller low conductive targets like foil, nickels, gold, and pull tabs. Both the Ace 250 and 350 utilize 12 target identification segments, the Garrett Ace 350 incorporates 4 iron discrimination segments instead of the two found on the 250. The new Garrett Ace 350 also has exceptional iron discrimination, new salt water capabilities and the deepest searching coil ever but still retains the same strong and lightweight design that has made them so popular.

Garrett Ace 350 Features and Specifications

  • Enhanced Iron Resolution – Allows more control of iron discrimination levels
  • Battery Level Indicator – shows remaining battery life
  • Higher Frequency – Offers improved ability to detect small conductive targets
  • Continuous Coin Depth Indicator – to determine target depth
  • Electronic Pinpointing – to speed target recovery
  • Accept/Reject Discrimination – to modify discrimination patterns
  • Five Search Modes – select pre-set discrimination pattern
  • Interchangeable Ace series coils available
  • Push Button controls – one touch operation

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Garrett Ace 350 Reviews

The Garrett Ace 350 is definitely a step up on the Ace 250 as it is more powerful, accurate and informative of the finds you make. The DD coil was specifically designed to give the user the maximum detection when it comes to discovering very small coins and relics buried deeper than other detectors would normally be able to find.

The Ace 350 has all the features of the 150 and 250 but the 350 gives you so much more control over what targets you want to find. The very focused detection field of this coil also reduces interference when working in areas of highly mineralized soil and salt water. Also if you are intending to treasure seek for any length of time the Garrett 350 is light weight and ergonomically well designed. Many people have also bought the Garrett Ace 350 as a back up to their more expensive metal detectors but after using the 350 for a couple of hours now use it as their primary detector.

For people who have never done any metal detecting before the Garrett Ace 350 is a solid well built machine and at the price you can’t go wrong.

Reviewer ‘Mike Brosnan’ had this to say about the Garrett Ace 350 – ”It is more powerful, accurate and informative and far less expensive than many middle of the road detectors. Good balance and low overall weight are crucial if you are going to be seeking finds for any extended period of time – the Ace 350 is very good in both areas. Having a good audible alarm is also important especially if you are covering irregular ground. In the sub-$500 range this is a good buy.”

Reviewer ‘Chad’ comments are as follows – ”After much review, I decided to purchase the Garrett ACE 350 to start my Metal Detecting Hobby. This machine is awesome and accurately identifies what’s below it. The DD coil is very useful in pinpointing the location of the object. I would recommend this product to any beginner or novice in the field. No need to spend over $300 if it’s just going to be a hobby. This will do the trick.”

This is indeed a step up from the Garrett Ace 250 but if you already have a 250 and you are just a hobbyist I don’t see the sense in buying the 350. As a beginner or intermediate treasure seeker the Garrett Ace 350 is right up there with the best in this price range. For less than $300 you are getting a way above average metal detector at a very affordable price.


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